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Product Description

The climbing rope is featured on several of our indoor pressure fitted and wall-mount products. Holding onto the rope while climbing requires great balance and this is a great tool for improving core strength in children. The arms and legs will also be engaged as youngsters will try to stick to the rope while pulling up. The biceps, forearms, shoulders and back will all get stronger and more conditioned doing this exercise.

In the physical education courses at some schools, the climbing rope is a popular challenge during yearly tests of kids’ fitness levels. Having one in your own home or backyard will give your children a head start on passing this important examination. Reaching to the top of the climbing rope can be difficult and even intimidating at first, but practicing and succeeding at the skill will ultimately boost not only fitness but self-confidence as well.

Additional Information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 2.6 x 230.0 cm