Rope Ladder

Rope Ladder


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Product Description

More difficult than climbing a traditional stationary ladder, it is a test of balance and works the abs, arms and legs. Unlike climbing the rope, the rope ladder uses more of the leg muscles and increase strength in the quadriceps – the biggest muscles in the legs – and calves.

Climbing the rope ladder will certainly help kids improve overall leg strength, but overlooked sometimes (and just as important) is the benefit climbing provides for the knee joints themselves. Children will not only increase flexibility in their knees, but by strengthening the muscles around the knee will help condition still-growing tendons and ligaments and decrease the chances of injuries. To limit possibilities of falls, parents should take care that smaller kids are able to climb the rope ladder without much difficulty before leaving them unattended.

Additional Information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 230.0 cm
Nr. of steps

9 wooden steps