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Product Description

According to Wikipedia, the term Pegasus refers to “a profound symbolic esoteric in relation to the spiritual energy that allows access to the realm of the gods on Mount Olympus.” Pretty profound stuff and Sportkid® has justifiably reserved the term to describe perhaps its most advanced, ambitious, visually majestic and physically demanding piece of children’s athletic equipment. The Pegasus is a sweeping indoor gym, featuring a horizontal bar with adjustable height, rope, trapeze, gymnastic rings, snake-hole, swing and basketball hoop.

Three different apparatus are exclusive to the Pegasus—the snake-hole, swing and basketball ring—and not featured on other indoor equipment. Normally only accessible at playgrounds, the swing is for indoor use and a wonderful addition for small kids definitely assured of putting a smile on their cherubic faces; the basketball hoop can be used by several kids at once and is great for aspiring young hoopsters; and the snake-hole presents a unique climbing experience. Lastly, a set of horizontal bars at the top of the set offers a challenging test of upper body strength and stamina as your child will try crossing from one end to the other, building cardiovascular endurance and overall fitness along the way. The Pegasus is a show-stopper!

Additional Information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 232 x 122.0 x 28.0 cm
Allowable weight

100 kg

Product size

211.5 x 98.0 x (231.5 – 273.0) cm




Blue, Green, Pink, Red, White