Indoor Playground Equipment – 3 Equipments to Choose for Your Kids

These days, kids are lacking the kind of physical activities that you used to enjoy as a child. Constrained living spaces and a pressure-cooker lifestyle have also taken its toll on kids and many of them are suffering from health issues from a very early age. With indoor playground equipment, you can make sure that your kids enough physical exercise which can allow him to stay active and also be occupied for a long time. The materials used in the construction of these equipments tend to vary from one manufacturer to another. Some of these are inter-lockable and made of plastic while others are composed of cushions. Find out about 3 types of equipments you can buy for kids.

Ball Pools

These are ideal to be used in indoor playground. Ball pools consist of many plastic balls in vibrant colors and can be enjoyed by kids of any age group. With these balls, kids can get plenty of opportunities to develop their tactile, auditory and visual senses. Even children who are physically disabled can get proper support with these plastic balls. These act as a special kind of massage therapy for disabled children.

Soft Play Equipment

When it comes to playground equipment, soft play tools cannot be ignored. Foam mattresses and wall mats are particularly useful at helping in the physical development of kids. With such soft play areas, kids can get a safe place to learn to toddle or take baby steps in. You can help them to learn walking safely in these places, and they can carefully explore the region and also be able to play imaginatively. As a parent, you can be assured of your kid getting a safe place to walk, jump and play in. There are no risks of physical damage, such as cuts and broken bones.

Cable Play Equipment

These are meant for slightly older children, and provide some of the best indoor activities for kids. These playing devices offer enough flexibility to kids, who can climb a strong structure constructed of long-lasting cables. The cables are made of durable material, and can help them to gain perfect balance, co-ordination and lots of strength as they navigate and climb the cable structure. With such types of playing devices, kids can be more agile and flexible. These equipments offer innovative ways to your kid to enjoy physical exercise while you can be assured of their safety.

Setting Up Kids Playground Set – Essential Tips to Keep in Mind

Kids playground sets are designed to provide kids with a place for entertainment, while parents can take a break. With these artificial playgrounds, kids can get a lot of fun and develop focus, agility, dexterity and physical strength. It can also allow them to make many friends and have enjoyable playing experience with siblings and cousins. When you are setting up these sets in the indoor environment, following are some important things that you should keep in mind.

Check whether it is age-appropriate

First of all, you need to make sure that the playground set is suitable for the age of your kid. Unless your child is a little older, it is better not to choose larger sets. Some units are designed to accommodate kids of specific ages. You need to ensure that the age of the kids match that of the play-set design. In case children of different ages play in the set together, you should ensure that the older ones do not perform activities which can cause injuries to smaller kids.

Check the construction

Make sure that the set is durable enough to last long and resist wind, rain, sunshine and other weather elements. If you kid is disabled in some way, you should look for a set which is designed for the disabled. If the set is designed out of soft materials such as plastic, instruct your kid not to perform some types of kids’ indoor activities which can break or damage the playground in some way.

Remove any obstructions

It is important to get rid of any obstructions, such as protruding objects or dangling ropes which may result in strangulation, tripping and accidental falls. The surface of the playground for kids has to be resilient and safe. Keep the playground away from drains, sidewalks, fences or trees which can result in obstruction. The distractions should be at least 6 feet away, in order to ensure safety for your children.

Use proper protective surfaces

The protective surfaces, or materials spread over the ground under equipments such as swing sets, should be soft enough to cushion your kids in case of accidental falls. Peak gravel, shredded mulch and wood chips are some of the most appropriate materials to scatter on the playground. In order to protect children from surfaces that are elevated up to a height of 9 feet, you need to spread 9 inches of wooden mulch or 12 inches of pea gravel of uncompressed variety.

Wooden Playgrounds – 5 Things to Consider While Buying Kids’ Wooden Playhouses

These days, wooden playhouse has become extremely popular with parents. These offer a safe playground for kids in the indoor environment. With a small amount of effort, these can be made to last for many years – which make them truly value for money. These can be customized and changed into cowboy ranches, secret dungeons, dragon’s cave, castle and anything else that your kids want. These also have good resaleable value. When you are buying these play-houses, following are 5 things that you need to consider.

Size and shape

While buying this type of playground for kids, shape and size of your backyard is the first thing that you should consider. The choice of your set should be determined by how large your backyard is; otherwise you can encounter space constraints. The size and shape of the play-house has to fit into your backyard and it should not gobble up the entire space.


It is also important to consider the age of your kid. In case your child is slightly older, a bigger play-house will be suitable. You should also consider the number of kids who will play on this set. Age is a practical point to think over, and your choice of material, shape of playground and other things should be decided by the same.

Material of construction

After you have considered the overall size and your needs, you need to think about the kind of material that has to be used in the construction of the set. If your budget permits, you would do better to get a set built out of durable, sturdy wood such as cedar. While cedar wooden playsets are pricey, you will get real value for money in return. Cedar sets can withstand the elements better, and does not get decayed easily.

Scope for customization

You should look for a play-house that can be customized with different types of kids playground equipment. Check whether you can put in monkey bars, slides and other equipments which can be put on and off with a lot of ease, so that fun indoor games for kids are possible.


Finally, you have to consider the cost of the kids indoor playground that you buy for kids indoor activities. Wooden play-houses constructed of cedar can be costly, and you need some amount of shopping around in order to find a low-cost playset that offers real value for your money.

Playground Equipments to Use in Kids’ Playground Sets for Your Child’s Development

Obesity and various other health problems in kids have made it necessary for parents to ensure that their children get exercise from an early age. Playground sets in the backyard can inspire your kid to play outside and have the exercise that is needed in order to maintain good health. Playsets with proper playing equipments can encourage your little ones to go and play outside, getting the exercise that their bodies need so much.


These are ideal to install in wooden playground sets in the backyard. Wooden swing sets happen to be quite popular with parents, and these are extremely safe due to their strength. Such sets come in a number of variations, and can come in the form of a sand pit, swing with monkey bars and climbing ropes. This type of swing set can be acquired quite easily and prove to be very useful.


Slides happen to be indispensable for any playground for kids, which consist of climbing frame and jungle gyms as well. These days, the popular kinds of slides consist of everything from twisty, bumpy and curvy slides and even those that come with a tunnel.


While girls like to use plain swings in enclosed playing grounds, boys like to use climbing walls and monkey bars. Monkey bars located at playgrounds and parks are ideal to work out with. These help build a lot of strength and also exercise the core muscles. While swinging from bars, children have to support their own body weight – which helps build strength in their upper body. Regular hanging from these bars builds a lot of strength in the shoulders and arms, and also exercises the core muscles.

Spinning equipment

These are no more only the same traditional carousels consisting of a central pole and a spinning platform for kids to stand over and spin. The new ones are safer consisting of big discs having a dip in the center where kids can sit on and enjoy a safer spin. These let children distribute their weight evenly.

Rope ladder

Rope ladder is possibly a safer way to climb, as compared to various other techniques for climbing. If you have small kids, try to keep the length of the ladder short enough so that even if your kid falls from the top he will not get seriously hurt. You need to keep the playground flooring soft with some cushions or mattresses so that he can land on soft material.